After studying Industrial Ceramics at Swansea College of Art and Design, Wales between 1979 and 1982, Ursula returned to Germany where she completed an apprenticeship in studio ceramics at the Topferei Jacobitz, Schwangau, Bavaria. She later began work for the Pletzer studio Prien am Chiemsee, specialising in traditional Bavarian forms and decoration. In 1986 together with another colleague, Ursula set about producing individual items to order and at the same time developed her own style, both in form and decoration.
All her work is hand produced, both thrown and modelled, and the motives painted using the majolica technique. The method offers a strong contrast to the approach used in traditional Bavarian ceramics, allowing for bright vibrant colours on finely crafted shapes and forms. Ursula moved back to the UK in 1991, and although raising a family was her first priority, she still managed to produce pottery on a regular basis. Living in the South West of England with its abundance of creative and world renown potters within easy reach, David Leach and Janice Tchalenko to mention a few, was an influential experience. But of all the potters, John Maltby and Rob Whelmpton are the artists who have inspired Ursula the most.
New Zealand has always been a dream destination for Ursula, and in 2001 the whole family made the move from the UK. She now works from her home in Blenheim, producing items to order and taking the frequent journey over to the Nelson craft market.

Ursula's debut exhibition was held at the Marlborough Art Society in Blenheim, Marlborough in January 2004.